Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of High Density Poly Ethylene Catalytic Cracking Reactor


The reactor of High Density Poly Ethylene –HDPE – conversion into liquid fuel was studied and modeled. The calculation software: CFD FLUENT was applied for this study. The software is a powerful tool in simulating chemical reactions. The simulation of HDPE catalytic cracking reactor was implemented by using this software and inserting both kinetic and thermodynamic conditions of the reaction in Isothermal state. To validate the simulation, the software output graphs including product compositions were put under comparisons with GC gas chromatography graphs. On the other hand, the non-catalytic reaction was modeled and the results were compared to catalytic cracking outputs. On the basis of the received data by simulation, the product content in catalytic cracking had higher values than thermal cracking reaction.

Keywords: Computation software FLUENT, simulation, modeling, catalytic cracking, isothermal kinetic conditions, HDPE

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