A Numerical Comparison Between Theoretical and Experimental Results of SO2 Removal Unit Using an Amino Compound Solvent in a Regenerative Method



A systematic study with the aim to capture sulphur dioxide selectively in a pilot scaled plant was performed. Using an amine based absorber, a concentration of 8000ppm SO2 was reduced to less than 10 ppm. The operation conditions including flow rates, PH and absorption column temperature were then optimized. Analysis of the output gas flow demonstrates an average absorption of %99.95 for the absorber solution with a concentration of 0.85 gr/lit. The history of the process shows that it is the first time that selective SO2absorption is done in pilot scale with such a unique efficiency. The absorber can be completely revived at a temperature of 120° Celsius. Therefore, the process is economical. Experiments demonstrate that an industrial scale .

Keywords: SO2, flue gas, sulfur dioxide, absorption, kinetic

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