The Utilization of Fabric Wastes as Raw Material in the New Small Business


The advantages of technology has brought good and bad effects into indutrial development, for example: the effect in the fashion industries. Fashion industries have rose rapidly. Many small fashion industries have developed into giant, with million rupiah sales, such as garment industries which produce men’s, women’s and children apparels. These factories also produce fabric wastes. Fabric wastes bring some problems to everybody. Fabric wastes may cause garbage everywhere. If someone burns the fabric wastes, it can make air pollution. What will someone do now? We have to manage the fabric waste. We can change fabric wastes into something useful, by created into some handy craft. A new small business can use the fabric wastes as row material to produce many kind of handicrafts such as bags, wallet, cushion case etc, by using some technique such as patchwork, quilting, weaving, crocheting.

 Keyword: fabric waste; new small business

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