182Investigation of Polyehtherimide/Matrimid® 5218 miscible blend Membranes for gas sweetening


In the present study, pure polyetherimide membranes were fabricated to separate CO2 from CH4. In order to improve characteristics of mentioned membranes, matrimid 5218 was added to the polyetherimide as an additive. By this method, blend (or modified) membranes were prepared. Gas transport properties of both modified and unmodified membranes were examined by employing a gas separation membrane unit which was fed by single gases (CO2 and CH4). Modified membranes indicated much more permeability and ideal selectivity comparing to the pristine membranes. In addition, effect of feed pressure on permeability and ideal selectivity of all membranes was investigated. thermal properties of pristine and blend membranes were also studied, results showed that blend membranes were more resistant than pristine membranes again heat treatment.

Keywords: Polyetherimide, Matrimid 5218, blend membranes, permeability, ideal selectivity.

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