194Simulation of Separation Process for Single-Step Production of DME from Natural Gas


In this study, steady-state separation of Dimethyl Ether (DME) from natural gas was simulated using the Asepn Plus software. The process of Dimethyl Ether (DME) separation comprises of the three main parts: 1. Flash, 2. DME Separation from H2O and metanol 3. CO2 elimination from other gases. In the first step, the output of single-stage reactor of  DME production is divided into two parts, liquids and gases. In the next step, each of liquids and gases are passed through two various paths. At last, after separation of CO2, gases are returned to the reactor. Moreover, water and methanol are separated from DME through two consecutive distillation towers with indirect method. CO2 is used for preparation of feed before entering reactor. Methanol is recycled to the single-stage reactor as well. The simulated model was validated by the experimental data obtained from JFE incorporation. In general, the mean relative error between the predictions of the simulated model and experimental data, was less than 0.105%. 

Keywords: Dimethyl Ether, Natural Gas, Synthesis Gas, Separation Unit, Aspen Plus, JFE Process.

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