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Abstract: The synthesis of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics using solid state reaction, usually is carried out in the form of one-step and two-step processes. In this study, in order to synthesize the Pb0.99(Zr0.95Ti0.05)0.98Nb0.02O3 compound, these two synthesis methods were exploited. In both methods (one and two-step), an increase in […]

115 The Effect of Solid State Synthesis on The ...

Abstract: The mole ratio of epoxidation of Watermelon seed oil (citrulus lanatus) was studied in situ formed by the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and glacial acetic acid, acting as precursor of peroxy-acetic acid (behave as active oxygen carrier), in the presence of catalyst in inert solvent (maintain the stability of […]

100 Mole Ratio of Eco-Friendly Epoxidation of Citrullus Lanatus ...

Abstract: With introducing dewatering unit has been made lots of efforts to reduce the volume of drilling wastewaters, mud preparation costs and the consumption of fresh water where environment suffers from water shortage through recycling of wastewaters. In this whole research, the efficiency of drilling waste management to prevent organic […]

79 Waste Management in Drilling Industry: Challenges, Barriers and ...

Abstract:  Multiple -well test (Interference and Pulse- Tests) are used to establish communication between wells and determine the inter- well reservoir properties. Both tests are conducted to determine the values of permeability (Kef) and porosity (Øef) pulse testing  has some additional advantage. It is more sensitive to unknown pressure trends […]

66 Pressure Pulse Testing in Reservoirs

* Corresponding Author: Muhammad Rizwan (   Abstract: Unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) having cis configuration are vital factor in diet as a source of fats. Among UFA, omega-6 and omega-9 gives more epoxidized products due to greater unsaturation level. The high content of linoleic and oleic acid of citruluslanatus (Watermelon) […]

65 Characterization of Epoxidized High Contents of Linoleic & ...

* Corresponding Author:   Abstract: Light expanded clay aggregate (LECA) coated with iron oxide (Fe2O3) was tested as a sorbent in the removal of Ni (II) from contaminated water. The efficiency of sorbent was investigated using operational parameters including contact time, initial pH, sorbent dosage and initial Ni (II) concentration […]

53 The Adsorption Kinetics and Modeling for Nickel (II) ...

* Corresponding Author: Falah Banihani ( Abstract: The search for unconventional oil resources during the last decade has increased due to an increase in the demand. Therefore, extracting and producing of oil from bitumen, oil shell, sand oil and carbonate rock were investigated by many countries around the word. The […]

34 Extraction of Oil from Jordanian Carbonate Rock

* Corresponding Author: Behrooz Roozbehani( Abstract: The latest developments in zeolite synthesis and catalyst applications are reviewed, this review also discusses the current industrial applications of the zeolite catalyst, for example, fluid catalyst cracking, methanol to olefins and conversion of renewable feedstocks. Porous materials containing Lewis-acid metals (e.g., Al, Ga, Sn, […]

24 Zeolites Synthesis, Catalysis Properties and Applications