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Abstract: Since membranes are used to separate ions, gases, water purification and various purification products, achieving a new alternative structures to increase their yield is very important. Carbon structures such as graphene and carbon nanotubes are very much considered due to their hydrophobic properties and the free space between them, […]

58 Application of CNTs in Membranes (a Review)

Abstract: TiO2/Fe3O4 and TiO2/Fe2O3 nano-composites with various ratios were synthesized by an ultrasonic-assisted deposition-precipitation method and their UV-light for treatment of spent caustic wastewater color was investigated. The effect of Fe3O4/TiO2 and Fe2O3-TiO2 nano-composites ratio on the photocatalytic activity and magnetic property of the nano-composites was studied by comparing their […]

50 Photocatalytic Treatment of Spent Caustic Wastewater Color

Abstract: Considering the fact that Propane pipelines have potential risk in the oil Sites implementing crisis management realistically, requires that the consequences of probable accidents scientifically explored and assessed. Any leakage in pipes can lead to fire, explosion, equipment damage, or toxicity to the personnel or people around, so that […]

41Risk Assessment and Consequence Modeling of Propane Escaping from ...

Abstract: The capabilities and functions of FANP model during the two recent decades have been varied so much that various scientific fields use this model based on their desired application. In the FANP model, the definition of criteria, sub-criteria and nodes for determining the status of network is performed on […]

33Aplication of FANP Model in Evaluating the Prioritization of ...

Abstract: Natural gas consists of light hydrocarbons with methane as a major component. However, undesired components such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapor may accompany with major hydrocarbon mix in natural gas. Removing these nuisance components is usually a major task in industries, especially in petrochemical plants […]

5Separation of N2 and CO2 from Natural Gas Using ...